Joe Aiello

Joe Aiello (Owner/Head Coach)

CrossFit Level Two Trainer

Hi!! I’m Joe Aiello, owner of ShowMe CrossFit, and I have been an athlete my whole life. I’ve spent time playing almost every sport available to me from baseball, soccer, football to rock climbing, but with the majority of my time spent playing rugby throughout high school, college and beyond. I was introduced to CrossFit in December, 2008 and I haven’t looked back since. In my mind, the CrossFit methodology epitomizes all the best parts of sport. I strongly believe that every human can improve their quality of life with a well-planned functional fitness and dietary program. When I’m not at the gym you’ll find me either playing with my family or continuing my education for my passion of peak human fitness and nutrition. I truly love to teach and share my knowledge of the sport of fitness. Most importantly, I am here to make sure that everyone who walks through our doors feels like a necessary part of our community and to see that you all achieve your goals.

My interests include:Eating pain and spitting out results, dropping it like it’s hot, riding dirty, getting busy, NOT making excuses, huge gains, sweat stains, tight thighs, butts and guts, eating the bar, BBQ’ed pork steaks, bacon wrapped anything, PR’s, the overhead position, Royale burgers, loud music, eating Paleo, food snobbery, vascularity, good coffee, beards, and CrossFit. Did I mention eating?

Please feel free to contact Joe at (636) 542-2556 or email at ShowMeCrossFit@gmail.com

Erin Aiello

Erin Aiello (Coach)

CrossFit Level One Coach

Fitness means something different to everyone and to me it means a lifestyle. A standard for which you live; a constant revision of your routine and constant improvements.

My name is Erin Taylor and I am a coach and the GM with ShowMe CrossFit. I have been a serious athlete since I was young child and have explored many ways of working out and getting, “in shape”. In my opinion, CrossFit is the toughest, most honest sport you can ever participate in. That is why it works, and that is why I want to teach, be taught and learn from others in the CrossFit world, forever.

CrossFit is hard work. It’s a mental test and physically rough. I understand the mental struggle and I see the power it has over every individual, including myself. We are all human and when a person becomes a CrossFitter, they realize once you start testing themselves in the box, their entire world improves, they set higher standards for themselves. I am here for exactly that: I want to help you realize that we have been wrong. We are wrong for setting ourselves up for failure and make excuses our whole life. We are wrong for not believing in ourself. What is right, my friends, is pushing yourself, getting uncomfortable to accomplish real goals and realizing you deserve a healthy life and strong body. CrossFit gets you there. I am a direct person, as many know. Training with ShowMe CrossFit will open your eyes to a new you, inside and out. Now, ask yourself…”If I know that hard work, works, and everything will improve, where is the problem?” Get to work with us and have fun becoming the BEST you. On the other side of fear is exactly who you want to be.

Josh Funk

Josh Funk

Josh Funk (Coach)

CrossFit Level One Coach
Army Unit Fitness Coordinator

Hello all, my name is Josh and I’m addicted to…. Oh wait wrong thing…. Back to what I was saying. My name is Josh, and I’m into this Crossfit thing 100%. Growing up I never played organized sports but I was always running around until I passed out. I come from a different background than an athletics. I’ve been a member of the US Army since 2007 and I’m currently in the Missouri Army National Guard as a Military Policeman. I’ve been training Soldiers as Fitness Coordinator for several years to be able to keep the high physical standard required of them. I discovered Crossfit in 2013 and never looked back, and in 2015 I received my Level 1 Crossfit trainer certificate. I am also currently attending Lindenwood University (GO LIONS) in pursuit of a B.S. in Exercise Science with an emphasis in Strength and Conditioning.I love training people and watching them use the practices I taught them to achieve success.

Likes: Seeing hard work payoff, hiking long distances with heavy back packs on (Do a GORUCK with me), Quoting obscure movies, Comparing all aspects of life to Seinfeld, Helping others reach their goals, wearing short shorts, running, eating pancakes,

Dislikes:Excuses, running, politics on social media, bees