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Listen To Dwight…

He is wise, he dresses like a schmuck, he has a goofy haircut…he might as well be your dad! And, since yesterday was Father’s Day, let’s take his advice and work towards those gains, eh?


Back Squat:
3x 80%
1 Walkout @110% x :30
3x 83%
1 Walkout @110% x :30
3x 85%


Clean & Jerk Complex:
10 Sets:
First Pull
Second Pull
Catch and Recovery

“Who’s Your Daddy”
EMOM x 16:
Min 1: 40 second Hollow Rock
Min 2: 20/15 Push-Ups
Min 3: 20/15 Russian Twists
Min 4: 10 Burpees




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