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Prison Rules…

It’s “Open Gym” today, but I just thought I’d toss this bad boy out here… Take it or leave it.


“Prison Rules”
Each member has a stack of plates (45’s-10’s) and will take 1 plate at a time to the far end of the mats by walking lunge. Once you arrive at the other end, you’ll place the plate on the floor, perform 20 burpees, return to the start and move the next plate to the far end. Once all plates are moved to 1 side, move them back to the start in the same fashion.


Minimum Security: 10-25-35-45
Maximum Security: 10-25-35-45-55-70
Solitary Confinement: 10-25-35-45-55-70 (with a 20#/10# vest)




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