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R.E.D. Friday

Love of and dedication to one’s country transcends geographical borders and physical boundaries. Today, we are going to honor a Marine who paid the ultimate price to protect his loved ones and his country, which happens to be Britain. So, come to honor this hero and have some fun with a partner to kick off a great weekend! Looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday for the pool party!!


**Partner WOD**
“James Wright”
For Points in 20 minutes:

Overhead Squat (10 points)
Thruster (5 points)
Squat Clean (3 points)
Deadlift (1 point)

Perform all movements with a 135/95# barbell.

Perform any combination of the prescribed movements as many times as possible, to accumulate as many points as possible. Count reps of each movement during the workout. Calculate score by multiplying reps by points for each movement and totaling them all.


Enjoy this WOD dedicated to James Wright (22) 42 Commando Royal Marines who died on 05/08/11 in Afghanistan.

Also dedicated to Daniel Clack who died in the same month.

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