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Despite the abundance of media coverage this time of year, I’m not talking about *THAT* redistribution, I’m talking about a phenomenon I like to refer to as the “redistribution of body mass”. Pictured is Myssie Pillers…you all know her as the mom who walks around on her hands-reliving her younger gymnastic days and the BEAST from the 9:30 a.m. class who’s strength numbers make most of our male members look like cuddly little kitties. ANYWHO, the first picture up there is of Myssie on Easter morning of 2015 and the second pic is of the same lovely lady on the same day this year, 2016. Myssie is just shy of her 1-year anniversary as a CrossFitter and in those pictures she weighs the exact same!! I know…HOW is this possible? As we begin to train, lift heavy weights and eat clean our body begins to burn fat, but it also starts to build muscle! This is why, when presented with the question “why am I not loosing weight?” my first response is always to ask “how do your clothes fit you?” The answer is always the same: THEY’RE HUGE! That’s because we have reduced the amount of excess body fat while increasing the amount of lean mass and since muscle is more dense and takes up less room, our clothes are big on us, but the scale stays the same. Enter: Myssie Pillers… 2 pictures, 1 year apart, same weight, VASTLY different ladies. CrossFit works and you’re looking at the proof. Congratulations, Myssie, on your hard work and dedication!!! It is, literally, starting to show!


For Time:
2,000 m Row

4 Rounds:
Partner Plank Pull (x3/arm)
:30 Hollow Rock




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